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Looking for an outstanding and affordable package designer in  Houston, Dallas or Ft. Worth, Texas? Here are some samples of the packaging and graphic design work we have created for our client in Marshall, TX. For the last 20 years, we have designed and branded hundreds of cost effective packages for customers. KPCS packaging design work has appeared on retail shelves in Sears®, JCPenney® and TJ Maxx®, as well as Amazon®, with some lines generating millions in successful sales.


Can new packaging help an older product sell better?  Absolutely!   With a history of quality arts and crafts supplies going back to 1959, ACTÍVA® operates out of Marshall, Texas and is known for providing teachers, students, and advanced artists with “basic materials for creativity.” Their core brand groups include Sculpture, Casting, Sand, Floral Drying and Clay, many of which are made in the USA. When we were contacted by ACTÍVA, we reviewed their lines and saw that over the years their product packaging had been updated sporadically with too many different styles. As a result, the designs had evolved into a hodgepodge, and the brand image had become fractured. They needed a cohesive approach for these lines. And they needed to bring it all together in three languages.


Operating out of central Florida, KPCS began this massive project with marketplace research on competitive products and manufacturers, which led to a completely new branding concept and style for the brand—starting with a modernization of the logo—which would now be given a more prominent position to anchor the lines.  Next, KPCS secured models, then directed and shot hundreds of new photos featuring the products in use,  utilizing our Nikon digital system to capture high resolution images. Then dozens of digital composites were created to make everything work perfectly with the new style, which also required handling typography in English, French and Spanish, as we re-branded almost 50 packages, pouches, and labels; all designed to engage the viewer in what these products are all about—creating beautiful arts and crafts!


Within a few months, prototypes of ACTÍVA's new packaging were making their debut at the Creativation™ show in Phoenix, Arizona. KPCS also provided a quick overhaul of the company booth for the show, and it all added up to create the industry attention our client deserved.  Their referral letter states:

“We are so pleased with KPCS' work ... we are planning to roll out our new packaging to consumers such as Michaels®, Hobby Lobby®, and Amazon®... we look forward to continuing our business relationship and are happy to recommend KPCS to anyone in need of design services.”

If you need affordable package design, creative graphic design services or product branding in the Houston area or elsewhere, we have the experience to help you! KPCS packaging design work has appeared on retail shelves in Sears®, JCPenney®, TJ Maxx® and Discovery Channel® Stores, as well as gift shops across the nation.

Our amazingly deep client list includes hotels, restaurants, theme parks, government agencies, luxury resorts, toy makers and residential home developers, to name a few. Please take time to explore our website, including the extensive portfolio and the latest news articles. Call Kim Parrish Creative Services today, and discover how our creative solutions for advertising can work for you!



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