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Looking for an outstanding and affordable package designer in the Chicago area? Here are some samples of the packaging and graphic design work we have created for our client in Wheeling, Illinois. For the last 20 years, we have designed and branded hundreds of cost effective packages for customers. Products sold in KPCS packaging have been launching in New York’s International Toy Fair since 1995, with some generating millions in sales.


Can new packaging help an older product sell better? You bet!  With a history of innovation going back to the 1940's, Fun Incorporated is a cherished wholesale distributor, operating out of the Chicago area and known for providing both beginner and intermediate magic performers with quality products, made in the USA. When we talked with company executives, we  learned that they needed a fresh way to market some of their most popular classic kits. And they needed everything ready for Toy Fair in less than 30 days.


Operating out of central Florida, our creative graphic design work for this client included a completely new branding concept and style for the line; which we called "The Jewels of Magic." Each kit would feature a jewel theme and they all required new photography of a magician's hands actually performing the tricks, something that had never been shown on the old packaging. We utilized our Nikon digital system to capture high resolution images, which were then enhanced in Photoshop to add motion elements and engage the viewer in what these kits are all about — performing magic!



Within a few weeks, the beautiful new series of packages was making its debut at Toy Fair in New York, and it created the industry attention our client deserved.  The company president wrote, “We were delighted to work with KPCS on developing our new image and would highly recommend Kim Parrish Creative Services for any creative work – including packaging, branding, graphic design, copywriting, and that “perfect look” to help sell your products.”


If you need affordable package design, creative graphic design services or product branding in the Chicago area or elsewhere, we have the experience to help you! KPCS packaging design work has appeared on retail shelves in Sears®, JCPenney®, TJ Maxx® and Discovery Channel® Stores, as well as gift shops across the nation.

Our amazingly deep client list includes hotels, restaurants, theme parks, government agencies, luxury resorts, toy makers and residential home developers, to name a few. Please take time to explore our website, including the extensive portfolio and the latest news articles. Call Kim Parrish Creative Services today, and discover how our creative solutions for advertising can work for you!



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