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Looking for creative graphic designer with government experience in Florida? Here is  some of the beautiful graphics and advertising work we've created for state, county and city government in Florida. If you're going to communicate with citizens, you may need logo design, illustration, photography, copywriting, brochures, and a great website. Most importantly, you need ideas and creativity. We love working with government, and we’ll be happy to provide a free quote!

As an agency Creative Director, Kim Parrish developed all visual communications for the Orange County Convention Center for over 10 years, including photo shoots, flyers, news releases, annual reports, brochures and an award-winning ad campaign offering limited edition illustrated posters featuring his signed original artwork, which were used to track advertising response from several national meetings publications.

Kim also designed award winning collateral for Florida’s Putnam County, featuring location photography and fact-filled copy designed to attract business to the region.

At the state level, Kim designed and illustrated an award-winning 36-page booklet for the Governor’s Office of the State of Florida, entitled “Reinventing Florida’s Government.” This piece features original artwork that reflects the political, educational and environmental challenges facing Florida citizens.

Kim developed the creative behind first recycling campaign for the City of Orlando, and designed other materials for the City; including a limited edition poster commemorating the annual Light Up Orlando event. Rest assured—if you need creative solutions for your government project—we have the experience to help you!

KPCS is a small business, but we offer a big spectrum of creative services; from original illustrations to digital ad campaigns, websites, brochures, and complete branding bundles. Our amazingly deep client list includes hotels, theme parks, manufacturers, government agencies and residential home developers, plus dozens of small businesses in need of top quality creative on a budget.

AD CAMPAIGNS - reach your market with digital and print

WEBSITE DESIGN AND SEO - it's all about search

BROCHURES AND SALES KITS - we've produced millions

LOGOS AND BRANDING - be seen and remembered!


PACKAGE DESIGN - dominate the shelf

LARGE FORMAT - posters, billboards, kiosks


CATALOG DESIGN - we build your sales tools

PHOTOGRAPHY - studio or location

We're ready to take your image beyond the ordinary. Please take time to explore our website, including the extensive portfolio and the latest news articles. Call Kim Parrish Creative Services today, and discover how our creative solutions for advertising can work for you!


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